Goals, Objectives and Learning Outcomes

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Program goals, objectives and student learning outcomes are articulated in the Business Teacher Education Curriculum Guide and Program Standards (2005, NBEA) and the Business Technology competency area published on the Arkansas Department of Education Web site. These are the standards that we believe all business education students should demonstrate. All courses have stated goals and objectives that are listed for each course syllabus. As described in the Business Teacher Education Curriculum Guide and Program Standards the business education teacher:

  • Has an obligation to grow continuously as a professional.
  • Creates, analyzes, revises, and implements curricula to prepare students for a dynamic and rapidly changing world.
  • Facilitates the learning of constantly changing subject matter in a dynamic and diverse learning environment.
  • Assesses student progress to alter and enhance the learning environment to optimize student success.
  • Practices positive and effective techniques for managing the classroom environment.
  • Integrates professional student organizations into the curriculum.
  • Communicates effectively with all segments of the public.
  • Builds relationships with various segments of the public to produce a vibrant, holistic learning environment that reflects the real world and provides tangible and intangible benefits for the student and the community.
  • Helps students realize their full potential.
  • Possesses a solid foundation in general education, business content areas, and professional studies.