Special Education

Peggy Whitby and child in clinicThe Special Education Program prepares teachers for teaching students in grades K-12 with a wide variety of disabilities. It also prepares for teaching gifted and talented students.

Also available is coursework for the Graduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Applied Behavior Analysis. Students in the Graduate Certificate programs have supervised clinic opportunities available.

The Special Education Program, part of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, prepares teachers to teach in resource rooms, special education classrooms and inclusive class settings.

Here find the Handbook for Graduate Programs, with information about the Master of Education, endorsements and graduate certificates (Google Drive document).


Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.E.) in Special Education

This is a program to prepare candidates for initial teacher licensure in Special Education. Graduates of the B.S.E. in Special Education will be prepared to teach students with disabilities from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Special Education

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Special Education coursework can be completed entirely online or can include courses from the on campus program. Coursework from both settings is accepted in the M.Ed. program. The M.Ed. in Special Education can have one of several foci.

Graduate Specialization in Transition

The Teaming for Transition program provides educators with the tools to help young adults with disabilities and their families build the bridge between high school and adult life.

Certificates, Microcertificate

Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis offers a coursework sequence that has been pre-approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, as well as the opportunity to enroll in practicums for the completion of supervision hours.

Graduate Certificate in Special Education Transition Services (SPTS)

The Graduate Certificate in Special Education Transition Services prepares professionals to help high school students with disabilities transition to an adult environment

Graduate Microcertificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders (AUTS)

The Graduate Microcertificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders, an online program, empowers professionals to gain the specialized knowledge and skills needed to support people on the autism spectrum



Endorsement for Dyslexia

This program prepares licensed K-12 teachers in foundational concepts related to literacy acquisition, knowledge of student reading profiles, administration and interpretation of assessments to plan structured literacy instruction, and demonstration of professionalism.

Endorsement in K-12 Special Education

Courses are offered online for licensed, general instruction K-12 teachers to add the K-12 Special Education endorsement.

Endorsement for Resource Teachers

Licensed, general instruction K-12 teachers can complete courses in this graduate-level study plan to earn an endorsement to teach in Resource Rooms.

Endorsement for Gifted Education

The endorsement program in Gifted Education is a 36-credit-hour program to develop competencies expected of teachers working with children and youth identified as gifted and talented.

Endorsement for Educational Examiner

The educational examiner endorsement is a 24-credit-hour program for those students with a teaching license who wish to develop the competencies necessary for educational examiners.