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General Information

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in Career and Technical Education with several concentrations:

  • Business Education
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Education
  • Technology Education
Business Education

A concentration in Business Education offers on-campus students the chance to become effective educators and communicators as they learn to teach the latest computer technologies and subject matters that focus on the core areas of business. Both undergraduate and graduate tracks in business education provide rigorous and intellectually stimulating programs that offer students a broad variety of professional careers in business education and technology.

For more information about Business Education, contact:

Dr. Betsy Orr
Phone: 479-575-6430
Family and Consumer Sciences Education

On-campus students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Education degree may select the Family and Consumer Sciences Education Program Concentration as a field of specialization in career and technical education. Requirements for initial licensure may be met by completion of the B.S.E.

For more information about Family and Consumer Science Education, contact:

Sheri Deaton
Phone: 479-575-2581
Technology Education

A Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a concentration in Technology Education is a licensure program that prepares one to teach technology, pre-engineering, or other technical subject matter at the high school, middle-level, or community college. Additionally, the program prepares one to enter mid-level technical/management careers in business and industry.

For more information about Technology Education, contact:

Dr. Vinson Carter
Phone: 479-575-3076