Scholarships and Financial Aid

COEHP Scholarships

Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Education and Health Professions are made possible by generous gifts from our College’s donors. The criteria for each scholarship is guided by the wishes of the donor, and may include academic merit, financial need, department or major, interests, organizational involvement, and classification. Because most COEHP scholarships are one-year awards, all current and prospective students are encouraged to apply each year.

To learn more, visit the college scholarships page

Outside Scholarships

University of Arkansas Graduate Assistant Positions

Graduate assistant positions are open to graduate students who have been fully admitted into a degree program.

Graduate Assistant Application forms may be obtained from:
University of Arkansas Graduate School
340 N. Campus Drive
Gearhart Hall 213
1 University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701

More information can be obtained from the Graduate School website.

NOTE: International students who are applying for a teaching position and whose native language is not English, MUST present a satisfactory TSE/SPEAK score before they will be allowed to assume a contact teaching position (includes classroom teaching, drills, labs and tutoring).

Other rules and responsibilities that apply to graduate assistants (i.e., enrollment requirements, GPA requirements, definitions of the types of appointments available, information about the student health benefit, etc.) may be found in the PDF handbook on the Graduate School website.