Degree Requirements

What courses are required to finish the degree?

The Technology Education Program includes 38-41 credit hours in general education. This includes 6-9 credit hours in English, 14 credit hours in mathematics and science, and an additional 18 credit hours in fine arts, history and the social sciences. In addition to general education, the program includes 50 credit hours in technical coursework and 36 hours in professional education. Technical coursework includes courses offered within the technology education program and courses offered in the College of Engineering. Professional education courses are taken with other undergraduate students preparing to become licensed teachers.

Program Overview

A Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a concentration in Technology Education is a licensure program that prepares students to teach technology, pre-engineering, or other technical subject matter at the high school, middle-level, or community college. Additionally, the program prepares one to enter mid-level technical/management careers in business and industry. The concentration is a specialized field of study within the Career and Technical Education program at the University of Arkansas. A complete program overview can be viewed on the University of Arkansas undergraduate catalog site.

Eight Semester Plan

The Technology Education Program has a recommended eight semester plan that outlines the particular courses that a student should take semester-by-semester. This eight semester plan also provides the student with information on the required minimum GPA, information on when to complete licensure examinations and interviews with faculty.

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions for the Technology Education Program can be viewed at the University of Arkansas undergraduate catalog site. The courses are required for all students in the technology education program unless course substitutions have been made in the case of transfer students or in other similar circumstances. Note that the descriptions do not include information about when the courses are offered, pre-requisite information, required lab information, and numerous other details about the courses. Elective course options are not listed. For information on acceptable elective courses, please discuss these options with your program advisor. Similarly, in cases where general education courses may be selected from a list of appropriate courses, consult your advisor for guidance.

Transfer students or students changing majors should contact Dr. Vinson Carter or Dr. Michael Daugherty for further information.