The information below is unofficial. Students should consult the Catalog of Study and academic advisors for official advising information.

Bachelor of Science in Education Degree Checklists

Cardinal Color Run Fall 2016Business Technology Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Technology Education

Master of Education in Career and Technical Education

Program of Study

Graduate Catalog section on CATE

Admission Procedures

  1. Pass Praxis Core Academic Subjects (Praxis I)
  2. Pass Praxis II Content Exam
  3. Apply for admission to the U of A Graduate School. The name of the program to write on the application: M.Ed. in Secondary Education (CATE)
  4. Once you have submitted your application form and required documents, including the fee, your application will be reviewed by the Graduate School then forwarded to the Graduate Coordinator, Department of Curriculum and Instruction for review.
  5. After minimum requirements met have been verified your application materials will be forwarded to the appropriate faculty member. Faculty advisors in career and technical education are: Business Education, Dr. Betsy Orr; Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Sheri Deaton; and Technology Education, Dr. Vinson Carter. Your faculty advisor will contact you to schedule an interview with CATE faculty.
  6. If accepted to the program the faculty advisor will contact you to discuss your program of study and to answer any additional questions you may have.
  7. Praxis II Pedagogy must be taken and passed for recommendation for Arkansas teacher licensure.
  8. Student Teaching semester is spring only. You will be placed in a local Northwest Arkansas public school with a cooperating/mentor teacher for an entire semester. Your semester will begin when the cooperating teacher reports back to work after the winter holiday. Your Spring Break will be the spring break of your student-teaching school. You will be at the school every day, all day for the semester.

General Information

Catalog Year

The catalog year of a student is shown in UA Connect, Student/Program Plan. Next to Requirement term is the catalog year the student is in. The Admit term is the year/semester the student first enrolled, not necessarily the year the student changed his/her major to COEHP. Use the Requirement Term for the catalog year.

If a student changes his/her major in the middle of the academic year (fall/spring) the student falls under that academic year for the "catalog year." For example, if a student changes his/her major in the middle of the 2017-2018 spring semester to CATE the student's catalog year is 2017-2018. If a student changes his/her major during the summer the student's catalog year is the next academic year. For example, if a student changes his/her major to CATE summer 2018 the student's catalog year is 2018-2019.

Academic Calendar

Undergraduate University Core Requirements

Transfer and Test Credit — Students wishing to see how course work taken at another regionally accredited institution will transfer to the U of A may search the Transfer Course Equivalency Guides

Petition to Request Program Modification Form (PDF)

Degree Audit

The degree audit outlines the requirements that a student has satisfied and the ones that still need to complete. These are available in UAConnect to undergraduates and are based on the degree plan at the time the audits are processed. Degree audits are an academic advising tool and are not an official degree certification. They should be used in conjunction with the Catalog of Studies and regular meetings with the academic advisor.

The Degree Audit page of the Office of the Registrar details steps for students as well as advisors.

G.P.A. Calculator for when you need to know what grades you need to make so that you will have a required grade point average.

Questions About Courses — ENGL 0002 - is considered a remedial course for reading. Does not count toward hours for graduation (no degree credit) but it does impact a student's GPA.