Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Degree Requirements

The doctor of education degree in educational leadership requires the completion of a minimum of 96 graduate semester-hour credits including 18 dissertation hours. The 96 credit hours includes up to 60 hours of coursework completed towards the master’s and specialist degrees. If students enter the Ed.D. program without completed coursework that has prepared them for district leadership, they are required to complete the courses in the specialist program. Requirements for the Ed.D. degree in Educational Leadership include:

1. Completion of the courses required for the Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership

2. Completion of the courses required for the Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership

3. The following core courses to be taken in sequence with cohort:

  • EDLE 699V Problems of Practice
  • EDLE 6533 Educational Policy & Change
  • EDLE 6543 Intro to Qualitative Research
  • EDLE 699V Statistical Literacy for Educational Leaders
  • EDLE 6553 Advanced Qualitative Research
  • EDLE 6513 Program Evaluation
  • EDLE 6503 Topics in Education Research

4. EDLE 699V Seminar, taken on campus three times for one credit each. Doctoral students will come to campus to meet with faculty and practitioners for a one-credit seminar that will serve as a valuable capstone for the distance experience. The meaningful campus experience will be an intensive long weekend cohort seminar on the University of Arkansas campus. Each cohort weekend will be focused on a theme that connects theory with practice and includes mini-lectures by scholars and practitioners in the field, facilitated discussion groups, and lively debate of critical issues facing school leaders. The intent of the cohort weekend is to build relationships, introduce students to leaders in the field and expose them to interactive, hands-on learning experiences that lend themselves more easily to the face-to-face environment.

5. 18 semester hours of dissertation credit

6. A minimum grade point average of at least 3.25 on all coursework presented as part of the degree program. No graduate degree credit will be granted for a course grade below “C.”

7. Satisfactory completion of all requirements governing the written and oral examinations for the candidacy examination, the dissertation, and the final oral dissertation defense.

8. The Ed.D. degree must be completed within seven years from the date the Declaration of Intent is signed.

Course Sequence for the EDLE Ed.D.

  • Summer I EDLE 6003 - Problems of Practice (8 weeks)
  • Fall EDLE 6543 - Intro to Qualitative Research
  • Fall EDLE 6533 - Education Policy & Change
  • Fall EDLE 699V - Doctoral Seminar (1 credit)
  • Spring EDLE 6583 - Statistical Literacy
  • Spring EDLE 6553 - Advanced Qualitative Research
  • EDLE 699V - Doctoral Seminar (1 credit)
  • Summer I EDLE 6513 - Program Evaluation (8 weeks)
  • Fall EDLE 6503 - Topics in Education Research
  • Fall EDLE 699V - Doctoral Seminar ( 1 credit)