M.Ed.: IMPACT Arkansas Fellowship

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IMPACT Program Overview

The IMPACT Arkansas Fellowship is a non-traditional leadership preparation program provided by the University of Arkansas and funded by the Walton Family Foundation. The fellowship’s purpose is to prepare future leaders in low-income schools throughout Arkansas. Fellows receive a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership upon completion of this 18 month program. IMPACT graduates have achieved a 100% pass rate on the School Leaders Licensure Assessment. Those accepted into the fellowship receive a scholarship which pays for 80% of all tuition and fees.

Outside the fellowship, the EDLE offers coursework and guidance for a general M.Ed. in primary and secondary educational administration.

IMPACT Arkansas Fellowship has more information for students and the greater community.

IMPACT Course Sequence for the EDLE M.Ed.

Summer II

EDLE 5023 Principalship 3 hrs

Fall I

EDLE 5083 Analytic Decision Making 3 hrs.
EDLE 5063 Instructional Leadership 3 hrs.


EDLE 5093 Effective Leadership 3 hrs.
EDLE 5053 School Law 3 hrs.

Summer I

EDLE 599V Seminar 3 hrs.
EDLE 5003 Schools and Society 3 hrs.

Fall II

EDLE 5013 O & A 3 hrs.
EDLE 5043 Leadership Ethics 3 hrs.
EDLE 574V Internship 3 hrs.