Degree Requirements

The master's degree in Educational Leadership is designed primarily to provide professional preparation for students seeking administrative positions in elementary and secondary schools. The degree requires completion of a minimum total of 30 graduate semester-hour credits.

The fully online M.Ed. in Educational Leadership has recently been redesigned to provide a more flexible course schedule and personalized student support. Students will take one 8-week course at a time during fall and spring semesters with a synchronous meeting on Wednesday evenings. This blended synchronous and asynchronous model accommodates busy professional schedules while maintaining strong relationships and personalized support from faculty and cohort members.

  1. Completion of the following required common courses in Educational Leadership (24 credits):
    • EDLE 5013 — School Organization and Administration
    • EDLE 5023 — The School Principalship
    • EDLE 5043 — Ethical Leadership
    • EDLE 5053 — School Law
    • EDLE 5063 — Instructional Leadership, Planning and Supervision
    • EDLE 5083 — Analytical Decision Making
    • EDLE 5093 — Effective Leadership for School Improvement
    • EDLE 574V — Internship (3 hours)
  2. Completion of 6 credit hours from foundations/specialty courses, including:
    • EDLE 599V — Seminar-Special Topics
    • EDLE 5033 — Psychology of Learning
    • or EDLE 5373 — Psychological Foundations of Teaching and Learning
  3. A cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.00 on all course work is required for the degree. No grades below C will be accepted for graduate degree credit.
  4. Satisfactory performance on a portfolio presentation is required.

Course Sequence for the EDLE M.Ed.


Fall I

EDLE 5013 O & A (1st 8weeks) 3 hrs.
EDLE 5063 Instuctional Leadership (2nd 8 weeks) 3 hrs.



EDLE 5053 School Law (1st 8 weeks) 3 hrs.
EDLE 5023 Principalship (2nd 8 weeks) 3 hrs.


Summer Session I

EDLE 5083 Analytic Decision Making 3 hrs.
EDLE 5033 Psychology of Learning 3 hrs.


Summer Session II

EDLE 5043 Leadership Ethics 3 hrs.
EDLE 5103 School Building Finacnce 3 hrs.


Fall 2

EDLE 5093 Effective Leadership (1st 8weeks) 3 hrs.
EDLE 574V Internship 3 hrs.