Degree Requirements

The program of study for the Educational Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction consists of a minimum of 33 semester hours of graduate work beyond the master’s degree. Each Ed.S. student must complete 2 coursework blocks based on their desired goal. Each student is also required to complete 3 semester hours of CIED 680V Ed.S. Project. A grade-point average of 3.25 is required for the Educational Specialist degree program on all graduate hours completed. Students should also be aware of Graduate School requirements with regard to specialist degrees.

Ed. S. Coursework Blocks


Coursework Block Combination

Curriculum/Program Administrator


Special Education Program Administrator


K-12 Online Teaching Graduate Certificate



Educational Leadership Coursework Block (15 hours)

  • EDLE 5013        School Organization and Administration
  • EDLE 5043        Leadership Ethics
  • EDLE 5063        Instructional Leadership, Planning, and Supervision
  • EDLE 5083        Analytical Decision-Making
  • EDLE 5093        Effective Leadership for School Improvement

Special Education Coursework Block (15 hours)

  • SPED 532V        Practicum in Special Education
  • SPED 5733        Inclusive Practices for Diverse Populations
  • SPED 5783        Professional and Family Partnerships
  • SPED 5893        Organization, Administration and Supervision of Special Education
  • SPED 6433        Legal Aspects of Special Education

Curriculum and Instruction Coursework Block (15 hours)

  • CIED 5423        Curriculum and Instruction: Models and Implementation
  • CIED 6013        Curriculum Theory, Development, and Evaluation
  • CIED 5363        Methods and Assessment for K-12 Online Teaching
  • CIED 6053        Curriculum and Instruction: Learner Assessment & Program Evaluation
  • CIED 5983        Practicum in Curriculum and Instruction

Educational Technology - K-12 Online Teaching Coursework Block (15 hours)

  • ETEC 5213        Educational Media
  • ETEC 5303        Learning with Computers in K-12 Classrooms
  • ETEC 6253        Distance Learning
  • ETEC/CIED       ETEC or CIED Elective
  • ETEC                     ETEC Elective

Ed.S. Project (3 Hours)

CIED 680V        Ed.S. Project