Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction is a scholarly terminal degree designed to cultivate the highest level of expertise in the teaching and learning process. Students are mentored by a graduate faculty advisor to complete coursework, develop skills in educational research, and acquire depth of knowledge in a specific subfield within curriculum and instruction.

Students completing this Ph.D. are prepared to be faculty members in higher education, leaders in the field of curriculum and instruction, or scholars devoted to educational research.

Two women actively listeningThe goals of the doctoral program in Curriculum and Instruction are to help candidates develop abilities for research and exemplary leadership in the field of curriculum and instruction. Through the Doctor of Philosophy program, faculty guide candidates to develop expertise in one of the department's many areas of study, acquire greater competence in curriculum evaluation and development, improve understanding of the teaching-learning process, as well build a broadened professional background in disciplines related to curriculum and instruction.


The Ph.D. program is research-oriented while at the same time firmly grounded in the practice of exemplary education. It prepares students for different forms of intellectual leadership in education including research, teacher education and higher education, as well as leadership positions in educational agencies.