Frequently Asked Questions

The ETEC program faculty and staff are thrilled that you are interested in exploring the Educational Technology graduation certificate and online master's programs at the University of Arkansas.

We understand that you may have questions concerning the University of Arkansas as well as taking courses online. To help answer these questions, you will find general information within this section of the website.

Is online learning for me?

Many students wonder if they are the type of person who can succeed in an online learning environment. This is a crucial question and one that only you can answer. We suggest taking the Online Course Readiness Quiz to gauge your readiness for online learning.

How much will it cost?

The most up-to-date cost estimates for tuition and fees for ETEC programs may be found at our master's page or the certificate page at the U of A Online website, specifically in the Programs at a Glance box on the right. Please note that students residing in other states receive in-state tuition costs UNLESS the student takes an on-campus course. If you reside outside of Arkansas, do NOT enroll in an on-campus course without consulting your advisor.

Where can I find information about financial aid?

There are several places you can turn to for financial information. The most beneficial and frequented sites include the following:

Where can I go for help with enrollment and services?

When it is time to seek admission or register for classes, you may find things a bit confusing. At the University of Arkansas, we strive to make your experience as a student as close to the on-campus experience as possible by individually assisting you. For more information, visit the One Stop Student Guide.

What can I expect from an online course?

You may wonder how online courses work and how you will submit assignments. For more information about how our online courses function, visit the Online Course FAQs.

Who will help me if I run into a technical problem?

We have some of the best technical support available to help you if you should need assistance. For technical problems, please refer to Blackboard Help for Students, where you will find a variety of resources.

It is also a good idea to identify a friend at home or at work who can help you over the technical snags. Your instructor can help you with course-related problems, but because there are so many different types of computer systems, it is best to leave the technical problems to the technical support staff or someone who is familiar with the particular system you have.

For further questions, please contact:
Program Coordinator, Educational Technology
101 Peabody Hall
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Fax: 479-575-6676