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Denise Ann Mounts

Denise Ann Mounts

Clinical Assoc Professor


(CIED)-Curriculum and Instruction

Phone: 479-575-3841

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20 Things About Me!

  1. I was born and raised on a farm northwest of Kansas City, Missouri
  2. My Bachelor's degree is in English/Journalism with a minor in Speech/Drama.
  3. My Master’s degree is in Counseling Psychology and my Doctorate is in Educational Leadership.
  4. My first job out of college was as a high school Language Arts/Drama teacher in Kansas City, Missouri.
  5. I have worked in public and private schools as a Classroom Teacher, Counselor, School Psychologist, Student Services Coordinator and Asst. Principal.
  6. This is my 14th year at the U of A!!
  7. I worked with low income students who were enrolled in a vocational training and GED program in inner city Kansas City.
  8. I lived and worked in Tucson, Arizona for several years and my youngest son was born there.
  9. I have three grown kids and three grandkids.
  10. I I love to be outside doing anything rather than be inside.
  11. I love to snow ski and love the mountainous West in general.
  12. My favorite movies are thrillers - The Jagged Edge, Double Jeopardy and High Crimes - Classics. Arbitrage, The Tourist, Departed, The Judge - Newer.
  13. I love to read and always have a pile of books on my "to read" table.
  14. I need a lot of sleep which means anything past 9:30 pm is my bedtime.
  15. My favorite American cities are Tucson, AZ and Kansas City, MO.
  16. I was a bartender/waitress through my undergraduate years.
  17. I really have no patience for meanness, dishonesty, people who are "Wanna Bes", and those who just try to "get by".
  18. I have little tolerance for Jayhawk fans of the University of Kansas, with the exception of my daughter-in-law.
  19. I feel blessed to work with future teacher leaders.
  20. I am a cancer survivor.

Teaching Methods

Educational Assessment

Educational Psychology

I teach in the Childhood Education program in the College of Education/Health Professions. The majority of my teaching load is working with graduate students who are working toward a Master of Arts in Teaching degree and are interning in a local public school. I supervise the MAT students'  completion of an action research project, which is the capstone project of the MAT year, and serve as the University liaison to one of our local partnership schools. I teach several other courses periodically in our department, including Psychology of the Emerging Adolescent, Literacy Assessment, Research and Assessment in the K-6 Classroom, and Integrated Communication Skills. 

Saint Louis University, Saint Louis,MO/ Ed.D., Educational Leadership

University of Missouri, Columbia, MO/M.Ed., Counseling Psychology

Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO/B.S., Secondary Education


Classroom Teacher, English and Journalism, High School - four years

School Counselor, Middle School and High School - six years

Student Services Coordinator, High School - four years

School Psychologist, Elementary School and Middle School - four years

Assistant Principal, Secondary - two years

Head Principal, Middle School - three years

Outstanding Teaching Nominee, 2011