Ph.D. Degree Requirements

After acceptance into the program, the candidate for the Doctor of Philosophy degree must meet the general University degree requirements, and complete a minimum of 102 semester hours of graduate study approved by the Doctoral Advisory Committee, including 30 credit hours earned on this campus for those with a U of A master's degree, 36 credit hours for those with a non-UA master's degree.

The program of study for the Doctor of Philosophy candidate must include the following:

1. 33 semester hours or more in an approved master's degree program

2. 15 hours in research and statistics to include the following:    

    • ESRM 6403 Educational Statistics and Data Processing
    • ESRM 6413 Experimental Design in Education
    • ESRM 6623 Techniques of Research in Education

3. Six additional hours from the following:    

    • ESRM 6423 Multiple Regression Techniques for Education
    • ESRM 6453 Applied Multivariate Statistics
    • ESRM 6533 Qualitative Research
    • ESRM 6653 Measurement and Evaluation
    • Other 5000- or 6000-level classes with approval of advisory committee

4. 25 semester hours of the curriculum and instruction to include 3 semester hours of curriculum development, 3 semester hours in instructional theory, 3 semester hours of multicultural education, 6 semester hours of internship, and 9 hours of CIED electives.

5. 12 semester hours in the cognate field approved by the Doctoral Advisory Committee

6. 18 semester hours or more of dissertation minimum

Electives/cognate hours may include specialization in a content area; no more than six (6) hours may be taken as independent study.