The Ed.S. in Curriculum and Instruction degree requirements are available in the information summary provided by the College of Education and Health Professions below. The Ed.S. coursework can be completed completely online if the student's area of interest is special education or educational technology. Those who select other areas of interest must take classes on the Fayetteville campus.

Information Summary

  1. The Ed.S. in Curriculum and Instruction (CIED) is an advanced graduate degree with a practitioner focus.
  2. For admission to the Ed.S., the applicant must have completed a Master's degree with a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.25 and an acceptable score on the GRE. When applying for admission, the applicant will be asked to submit a resume and a brief narrative concerning previous work experiences and education experiences as well as future goals. Since the Ed.S. in CIED has several areas of study, the applicant will be asked to indicate which area of study he or she will pursue. This information is used to better match each student with an advisor. Some areas of study in special education and educational technology are offered entirely online. Other areas of study require some face-to-face coursework to be completed on campus. Therefore, it is important for the applicant to indicate which instructional setting is preferred as well as the preferred area of study.
  3. The Ed.S. Program of Study requires a minimum of 33 semester hours of graduate work beyond the master's degree completed at the University of Arkansas. No transfer credits can be applied. Each of the areas of study require a minimum of 12 hours; however, some may require more than 12 credit hours. The degree requirements include: a minimum of nine (9) semester hours of graduate work in research methods; a minimum of nine semester hours of curriculum and instruction course work; and an original Ed.S. project for which variable credit of no less than three credit hours and no more than six (6) semester hours is required. Guidelines for the Ed.S. project can be found here. A grade-point average of 3.25 is required in all course work for the degree.
  4. Each candidate will be assigned an advisory committee composed of at least three (3) faculty members. Two of those faculty members must have graduate faculty status and at least one of the three faculty members must be outside of the candidate's area of study. An Ed.S. Committee Form must be completed and a copy sent to the graduate school.
  5. Prior to completion of nine (9) semester hours, the student, in cooperation with the advisory committee, will develop a specific Program of Study. The student should retain one copy and an additional copy will be placed in the student's departmental file.
  6. The student must complete the program (a minimum of 33 credit hours) within a period of six (6) years from the date of first enrollment.
  7. The Ed.S Project serves as the comprehensive oral examination for the degree and is to be completed near the end of the candidate's program. The oral comprehensive examination includes the presentation of findings from the Ed.S. Project which integrates content knowledge of curriculum, research methods and the student's area of study.
  8. After completing the comprehensive examination a Record of Progress form is signed by the committee and sent to the Graduate School. Then, upon completion of all academic requirements, the student should apply for graduation with the Graduate School.

Updated Sept. 18, 2012