Program of Study

Choose 1 of the following 3-hour Quantitative Courses
ESRM 6403 Educational Statistics and Data Processing*
AGED 5473 Interpreting Social Data in Agriculture*

Choose 1 of the following 3-hour Qualitative Courses
ESRM 6533 Qualitative Research
ESRM 6543 Advanced Qualitative Research
HRWD 6323 Qualitative Research Design and Analysis*
ADLL 6423 Qualitative Reasoning in Adult and Lifelong Learning

Choose 1 of the following 3-hour Mixed Methods Courses
CIED 643 Mixed Methods*
EDLE 6503 Topics in Educational Research for School Leaders*

Note: *Denotes courses slated for online offerings

Required Courses (OL)
CIED 5423 C & I: Models and Implementation*
CIED 6053 C & I: Learner Assessment and Program Evaluation*
CIED 6013 Curriculum Theory, Development & Evaluation OR CIED 5633 Analysis of Instruction

Choose 1 of the following courses (OL)

CIED 6053 Program Assessment
ESRM 6613 Evaluation of Policies, Programs and Projects
HRWD 6313 Project and Program Evaluation
ADLL 6433 Program Evaluation

Note: *Denotes courses slated for online offerings

Areas of Interest (12 credits minimum)

Required Courses
CIED 5393 Introduction to Linguistics
CIED 5513 Sound System of American English
CIED 5543 Structures of American English
CIED 6603 Multicultural Education

Required Courses
CIED 5803 Nature and Needs of the Gifted and Talented
CIED 5813 Curriculum Development for the Gifted
CIED 5823 Structured Practicum for Gifted & Talented
CIED 599V Social/Emotional Components of Giftedness
CIED 6073 Seminar in Developing Creativity
CIED 641V Differentiating Instruction for Academically Diverse Learners

Required Courses
ETEC 5303 Learning with Computers in K-12 Classroom
ETEC 6253 Distance Learning
Select 6-12 hours from the following
ETEC 5253 Information Technologies
ETEC 5263 Grant Writing
AGED 5363 Educational Delivery Techniques
ETEC 5743 Internship
ETEC 6223 Strategic Planning
ETEC 6243 Advanced Instructional Design
ETEC 6393 Issues and Trends in IDT
HRWD 6633 Technology Systems

Required Courses
SPED 6843 Basic Principles of ABA
SPED 6853 Behavioral Assessment in ABA
SPED 6863 Behavioral Change Procedures and Supports
SPED 6873 Measurement and Experimental Design
SPED 6883 Ethical, Professional, and Legal Standards
SPED 6893 Practicum in Applied Behavioral Analysis

Required Courses
SPED 6803 Teaching Students with ASD
SPED 6813 Assessment of Students with ASD
SPED 6823 Instructional Methods for Students with ASD
SPED 6833 Practicum in Autism Spectrum Disorders
SPED 5143 Cognitive-Communication Dev/Disorders

Required Courses
SPED 5893 Organization, Administration, and Supervision
SPED 6433 Legal Aspects of Special Education
EDLE 5043 Leadership Ethics
EDLE 5053 School Law

Required Courses
CIED 6153 Theories of Literacy Learning
CIED 6123 New Literacy Studies
CIED 6233 Organization of Reading Programs
CIED XXXV Literacy Coaching: Theory and Practice

Required Courses
ADLL 5123 Principles and Practices of Adult Learning
Select 9 credits from the following
ADLL 5113 Perspectives in Adult Education
ADLL 5133 Curriculum Development in ABE & ASE
ADLL 5143 Instructional Strategies and Assessment-ADL
ADLL 5153 Organization and Administration of ADLL
ADLL 5163 Managing Change in Adult & Lifelong Learning
ADLL 5183 Technology & Innovation in Adult Learning

Required Courses
SPED 5173 Introduction to Dyslexia: Literacy Development and the Structure of Language
SPED 5873 Assessment and Programming for Students with Disabilities
SPED 5683 Teaching Literacy Skills to Students with Disabilities
SPED 5633 In the Curriculum Development for Students with Dyslexia
SPED 5543 Dyslexia Practicum and Case Study

CIED 680V Ed.S. Project